do you want to find special iPhone 6S Case,iPhone 6 Case (4.7″)

  • Paquete Contiene: un caso y una mariposa colgante polvo Plug & un bling vidrio de color rosa, lápiz capacitivo y uno Mavis ‘s Diary suave paño limpio
  • Lista de nuevo y de excelente calidad.
  • Ajuste perfecto para iPhone 6 (4.7″) y iPhone 6s (4.7″) y acceso completo a todos los botones y funciones.
  • Diseño único que tu smartphone especial, encantador, moda, fresco y maravilloso
  • La funda es 100% hecho a mano por lo que el artículo se pueden variar ligeramente de las fotografías que se muestran, pero va a ser casi lo mismo.


Why the girl really do need a cell phone case?

Fun iPhone Cases for Women & Girls in Gold Dots, Stripes, Hot Pink Hearts, & more. Hard Cases Protect Your iPhone, + They’re Guaranteed to Get You Noticed.

When you start looking for a cell phone case online, make sure you use the right search terms so you end up with what you really want. People sometimes use words to describe cell phone cases interchangeably, but they don’t necessarily mean the same thing.

If what you really want is something to protect your phone, search “cell phone case” or “protective cell phone case.” You can add in things like “water resistant” or “radiation blocking” to locate cases with those special features.

If you’re more interested in a stylish case than one that protects the phone, search “cell phone cover” or “cell phone skin.” A cover is a snap-on piece of plastic that will cover the back of the phone entirely, but does not have any cushioning material to protect the phone from falls. A cell phone skin is a thin piece of plastic that adheres to the back of the phone and alters its appearance.

Or, if you’re looking for something that holds your phone (with or without a cell phone case), search “cell phone holster” or “cell phone wallet.” A holster has a clip that attaches to your belt and keeps your phone close at hand. A wallet, as discussed earlier, will fit in your purse and hold extra items besides just your phone.